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Narcissus Elka (1)

This narcissus is a perfectly proportioned miniature with a long pale cream trumpet and milk white perianth. It was named by Alec Gray after two lady daffodil growers Elizabeth and Kate. These low growing varieties are best suited to sinks, pots or the front of borders.

Planting Instructions

This narcissus is reasonably happy in good soil in the garden, but do ensure that it is not swamped by nearby thugs.  Plant the narcissus bulbs really quite deeply with 3-4" (7-10cm) of soil over the bulb, where it will remain more cool, more moist and safer from activity above them in the summer. Do not be tempted to cut back or tidy the foliage after flowering as this period of replenishment of the bulb's starchy food reserves is critical to future flowering. A liquid feed while starchy leaves are still green will benefit clumps in poorer soil. I would suggest you plant them in distinct groups and not randomly as the effect is generally better. They should clump up from being planted about 2-3" (5-8cm) apart, further apart for more 'relaxed' planting. Alternatively good in pots with a cool rest in summer. Plant 3-4" (7-10) deep and 2-3" (5-8cm) apart where they get some spring sunshine, but where it is cool and shaded in summer.  

Plant Details

  • Flowers   March/April
  • Height     6" (15cm)


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