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Nectaroscordum siculum

Nectaroscodum siculum is native to France and Italy and a close relative of the alliums. The flower, the seed head and the leaves each make a valuable contribution in the garden.  The leaves are triangular in cross section, twisting as they rise, and have a typical allium smell.  The sturdy stems rising to about 20 - 30" (50 - 75cm) carry clusters of 10 to 30 thimble-sized, waxy bell-shaped flowers branching out from a central point.  They are cream with burgundy pink markings, flushed green at the base on the outside and a bit darker inside.  When flowering ends the seed heads point themselves skywards again and look wonderful both in the border and when cut for arrangements.  It grows easily in well-drained soil, and will tolerate part shade.

Planting Instructions


Nectaroscodum siculum bulbs should be planted point up about 4" (10cm) deep and 3-4" (8-10cm) apart in sun or part shade, in amongst other plants that are in leaf in the late spring. Best in lighter soils where they can seed about. 

Plant Details

  • Flowers   Early Summer
  • Height     30"(75cm)


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