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Tulip Red Riding Hood

Tulip Red Riding Hood is a hybrid gregii tulip which came originally from Central Asian where it grows on mountain slopes. It was originally discovered by the German P.L. Graeber who moved to Tashkent shortly after the Russian occupation of the territory in 1865. At first he sold the bulbs to Germany where they started to appear in gardens from 1871. The species was in 1877 described by Eduard Regel, the director of the St. Petersburg Botanic Garden. He named the species after the botanist S.A.Greig, at that time the president of the Russian Horticultural Society. Its hybrids are ideal tulips for early colour in rock gardens and containers. Tulip Red Riding Hood flowers in April when the daffodils may well be looking a bit tired. It can add also interest before it blooms with its attractively speckled leaves. The flowers are vivid red with the inner colour more scarlet red, with a darker base. It is well suited to containers, rockery or sunny well drained garden position.

Planting Instructions

Plant Tulip Red Riding Hood in a sunny site, or in containers to flower in the sun, with the bulbs 4" (10cm) deep and 4" (10cm) apart. Don't be in a rush to get the tulips into the ground as they will benefit from planting in late October or early November, by which time the first frosts will have reduced disease levels in the soil.

Plant Details

  • Flowers   April
  • Height     8" (20cm)


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