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How do I sign up for your Newsletter?

When and how to order

Collect from the Nursery

Invoicing and Payment

Online Banking

Quality guarantees and Complaints

Orders from outside Great Britain


Items are priced per single bulb unless it is stated otherwise. We hope to supply everything on the website that is available to order, but there are sometimes difficulties and things may not grow as we intended or expected. We do not normally make substitutions except within our Collections if stocks are insufficient.

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How do I sign up for your Newsletter?

Roughly once a month we send out a newsletter which contains upcoming events, nursery and bulb related news, special offers and more. To sign up (or to unsubscribe) you can change your options on the communications preferences page of your account. You must be signed in to change this setting

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When and How to Order:

Please order early to avoid disappointment, ie from mid January for snowdrops and other items for Spring despatch and from July for Late Summer and Autumn despatch. Orders can be placed by post or telephone 01460 242177 or via this website.

We despatch your orders as follows:

Snowdrops in the Green from early February (weather permitting)

Spring orders from February to April (weather permitting)

Late Summer orders from August to September

Autumn orders from September to late November

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Collect from the Nursery:

Collection of an order can be made from our address. We will notify you when the order is ready and we then arrange a date for collection at times when we are open for this. Postage is of course waived for collections. On occasions we can take pre-arranged orders to events that we are attending.

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Invoicing and Payment:

Payment must be made either

  1. In the form of cheques made out in pounds sterling and drawn on banks with UK offices. They are cashed on order entry.

    Not to Exceed Cheques are still accepted, they are treated like credit cards and it means that no refunds or debits should be required. Make the cheque out to Avon Bulbs Ltd., date and sign the cheque normally. Do not complete the amount or words box but write at the top of the cheque Not to Exceed £XX, where XX is slightly more than you expect to pay. We will complete the words and box to the correct amount before the cheque is banked.
  2. By VISA or Mastercard . Please remember to include your credit card number and expiry date on the appropriate order form. Please see the note below (under Online Banking) concerning authorisation holds and preauthorisation.

    There can a problem when orders are placed early and, due to the interval between ordering and eventual despatch, the card details may expire or change. It is tedious and cannot be helped but we may need to contact you for updated card details.
  3. By direct bank transfer in UK £ sterling. Please include your customer & order number as a reference and ensure that we are paid the full invoice amount (after exchange charges).

    Our bank detail (Avon Bulbs Ltd) The Co-operative Bank, PO Box 1011, Balloon Street, Manchester M60 4EP United Kingdom

    IBAN No: GB17CPBK08925068224844
    Swift address/BIC: CPBKGB22
    Sort Code: 08 92 50
    Account No: 6822 4844
  4. PayPal invoices can be raised for immediate payment on request when the order is placed.

( Methods 3 & 4 are not available through the website but can be arranged through the office.)

Full invoices are sent to you (or emailed) as an acknowledgment on the same day that we send your parcel confirming the despatch date, invoice value and payment details. Please then expect the parcel and contact us after 10 days if it does not arrive.

We would prefer to adjust your payment and supply what you order, rather than send you something vaguely similar.

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Online Banking

If you use online banking you might notice that an apparent payment has been taken once you have placed your order using a debit or credit card. This is not down to Avon Bulbs but is an authorisation hold or preauthorisation carried out by credit and debit card providers, which can reduce your balance of available funds. Authorisation holds or pre authorisation may show on your account as a pending payment anywhere from one to thirty days, depending on your issuing bank and their policy. Avon Bulbs will only request and receive payment once your order is despatched.

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Quality Guarantees & Complaints:

We aim to sell bulbs and plants of good quality. If, on receipt of an order from us, you are not satisfied with any part of it please contact us to discuss any issues. We can usually resolve any such matters with an explanation or some reassurance based on many years of experience. However if that does not resolve the issue you are welcome to return anything that you feel is not accurately described or below expectation levels. We will refund the costs of anything returned (goods and postage) within a reasonable time of despatch (around 2 weeks). However we cannot be held responsible for the bulbs beyond this. Nature is sometimes unkind and though most bulbs are tough, they do have their limits.

We always aim to send out flowering sized bulbs but we cannot necessarily guarantee that all the bulbs will flower in their first season, although we would expect the vast majority to do so. We do guarantee that they are correctly labelled as much as we can, but if there are errors in that regard we will replace the bulbs with the correct ones as soon as possible or make a full refund if we cannot do so.

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Orders from outside Great Britain:

We are sorry but we have had to suspend sending our plants and other products to Northern Ireland or Europe. Phytosanitary Certificates together with all the additional time and effort for inspections and issues to do with VAT makes the costs prohibitive. There is one exception. If you are interested in receiving in our dormant snowdrop list (in the Summer) we can provide it and the costs of their supply.  Please note that orders for 2023 are now closed. 

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