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Allium hollandicum

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Best for bigger gardens, or wherever you might want a more subtle and textured display. They provide that irregularity in colour, height, size and maturity which adds subtlety and charm to any planting, especially one on a bigger scale. In late May the foliage starts to die back, then the flowerheads (which are about the size of an orange) form - opening to rich deep lilac to pale purple flowers. Easy in any free draining soil in the sun, planted about 6” (15cm) apart. 

Planting Instructions

Allium hollandicum bulbs should be planted 3-4" (8-10 cm) deep in a sunny situation, and in better drained soils. Allow 6" (15 cm) between the bulbs and plant in loose groups without regimentation.

Plant Details

Flowers May
Height 24"-36" (60-90cm)

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