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Allium karataviense Ivory Queen

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A selected form of A. karataviense. These are similarly very broad leaved and grow close to the ground with a pale margin around the leaf and an apple-white flower. Their best use is in full sun on a raised bed or rockery or at the front of a border where the foliage provides a very metallic looking and modern effect long before (and after) the flowers.. Disappearing into dormancy by July when they need a warm dry rest.

Planting Instructions

Plant the Allium karataviense Ivory Queen bulbs 3-4" (8-10cm) deep and about the same apart, in small groups in sunny, well drained even in a gravely area sites. The two types of karataviense contrast each other perfectly. Avoid handling the leaves and rubbing off the bloom.

Plant Details

Flowers      May/June
Height        10" (25cm)

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