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Camassia leichtlinii caerulea Maybelle

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Camassia leichtinii caerulea Maybelle is noticeably shorter, later flowering and with a flower colour that is more blue than those of the ordinary leichtlinii caerulea which is more purple-blue. Given the popularity of the Camassias, a form that flowers two weeks later than the ‘standard’ one should have its place in the garden as it extends the season. Camassia leichtinii grows principally in mountain meadows of the western USA and will grow in full sun, although it tolerates partial shade fairly well. The buds at the bottom of the raceme open first, and the flowers at the top will still be seen up to a month later. There is no real need to cut them back, like Daffodils it would be best to let the foliage die off and then just pull it out. The flowers are good for cutting, though beware the falling petals staining a white tablecloth.

Planting Instructions

Camassia leichtlinii caerulea Maybelle bulbs should be planted 4-6" (10-15cm) deep , 9" (22cm) apart in groups of 5 or more in the sun, or part shade. They like a moist spring and flowering, followed by a dry dormancy. They prefer not to be disturbed once established.

Plant Details

Flowers May
Height 24” (60cm)

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