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Cyclamen africanum

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Leathery leaved and in leaf through the winter and spring after which they need a perfectly dry summer rest. Large, more rounded, pink flowers in the late autumn. Best in fairly light conditions and because they are tender, they are limited in most circumstances to protected cultivation.

Planting Instructions

These are not hardy and need to be protected against all but the most slight frost. At the same time they will grow well and flower for longer if grown cool in the winter. Plant with the indent uppermost with barely 1” (3cm) compost covering the tuber in bright conditions - but if too hot in direct sun they will flop if the compost is dry. Avoid too rich a compost, the plants tend to get too big and the leaves too large and leathery. Some plants flower in advance of their leaves, others with the leaves. Once they have gone dormant leave dry and shaded for the summer.

Plant Details

Flowers   October / November

Height     3" (8cm)

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