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Cyclamen pseudibericum

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Possibly slightly more tender than the bone hardy C. coum and flowering a little later than coum does. The leaves are marbled in white and the flowers are mainly pink with darker blotches and a white throat. Hardy enough to grow outside in the south, but a lovely plant for the alpine house anywhere

Planting Instructions

Nearly as hardy as C. coum – but not quite, so avoid planting out in the coldest parts of your garden or anywhere likely to be very wet or sodden in winter. They flower a bit later than C. coum so extend the Cyclamen season. Best where they are shaded and dry during the summer when they are dormant. Plant with the more rounded side down (you may be able to see the roots appearing). Cover the tuber with 1-2” (3-5cm) of soil or compost. In leaf in winter, in flower in the late spring and dormant in the summer when they can be left dry and shaded.

Plant Details

Flowers    March / April

Height      3" (8cm)

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