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Cyclamen repandum

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Better in more sheltered conditions and certainly needing more shade and leaf mould in the soil where they need to be planted more deeply. Only properly hardy in the south, though special circumstances may affect that generalisation, small bulbs which need careful handling - I feel that I am using too many caveats! The positives are many - they provide spicily fragrant, deep carmine coloured flowers in mid-late spring and like the others do set seed and spread where happy.

Planting Instructions

Cyclamen repandum tubers thrive best in a soil rich in leaf-mould and with some shade. If drainage is a problem, lashings of grit may help. Acid to limey soil makes little difference and they should be planted 2" (5cm) deep and about 5" (12cm) apart or dotted about.

Plant Details

Flowers        April / May

Height          3" (8cm)

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