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Fritillaria imperialis Rascal Chopin

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Fritillaria imperialis Rascal Chopin is one of the "rascal" series which is the the result of years of breeding to produce smaller varieties of F. imperialis that would flower from smaller bulbs but they are still new! I like their daintier stature, the less upright stance and their earlier flowering which ought to have more time to ‘put on weight’ before going dormant to flower more reliably in future.

Planting Instructions

Fritillaria imperialis Rascal Chopin bulbs should be planted 8" (20cm) deep in rich soil, which has had fertiliser added in the sun but sheltered from wind, They would benefit from an annual feed of potash rich fertiliser when in growth in early spring when they are growing fastest..Water well in the spring but they need a dry rest in the summer.

Plant Details

Flowers March/April
Height 30” (75cm)

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