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Fritillaria imperialis 'William Rex'

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Fritillaria imperialis William Rex has dark bronzy-red flowers about 2½" (6cm) long, with lush broad leaves held erect on a darker stem. The Crown Imperial Lily has been grown in cultivation in Europe since the 16th century when it was introduced from Turkey. It grows naturally from Turkey to Pakistan on cliffs, rocky slopes and among scrub. It is a very good garden plant with up to 6 bell-shaped flowers hanging below a topknot of leaves that tip the stem. Pollinating insects including bees are attracted to it. The bulb and young leaves have a strong foxy smell which is more noticeable to some.

Planting Instructions

Fritillaria imperialis William Rex has a big bulb should be planted 8" (20cm) deep in rich well composted soil in the sun but sheltered from the wind. They benefit from an annual feed of potash rich fertiliser (low in Nitrogen) soon after the new shoots emerge and at flowering time, a proprietary brand for tomato plants would be suitable. The bulbs should not be disturbed until flowering diminishes when they can be replanted with more goodness under them. They need a dry resting dormancy in the summer.

Plant Details

Flowers April
Height 30" (75cm)

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