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Ipheion sellowianum

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A very early flowering species with golden yellow star shaped flowers on short stems. They are so early into growth and flower that I do not think they could be regarded as hardy in most of the UK. Best grown in a pot where with a dry summer rest (and by repute they love it hot, so one can leave them dry in a greenhouse), replanted in the autumn into fresh compost. Rounded bulbs the size of marbles.

Planting Instructions

A bright golden yellow flowered Ipheion that is probably not hardy out of doors in the winter. Pot up on gritty compost, 3 bulbs will fill a 9 cm pot. Grow in good light once they have emerged. Once they have died back in the early summer keep them completely dry till the autumn before knocking them out and repotting for a further year. 

Plant Details

Flowering     February/March

Height          4” (10cm)

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