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Maianthemum bifolium

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Maianthemum bifoliium is found naturally from western Europe and to Siberia, China and Japan. In Britain the May Lily is now only locally common and is found in only half a dozen sites in Northern England. It grows in ancient broad-leaved woodland or conifer stands on ancient woodland sites. In the garden it likes dappled shade, which is moist but not wet and will carpet the ground with sculptured leaves, which look like miniature hosta foliage. Leaves are produced alternately up the stem, which carries a spike of sweet scented white flowers opening to a star shape. It rarely if ever sets seed, but will form clumps as it becomes established.

Planting Instructions

The dormant form is a thin wiry root with callouses; plant these 3" (8cm) deep, 3" (8cm) apart, and allow the plant to thicken up

Plant Details

Flowers May
Height 4" (10cm)

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