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Narcissus Exotic Mystery (11)

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Until now I have not been a great fan of the split corona group, usually with large flowers, but this is a smaller flowered form with slightly downcast heads In the most magical soft primrose which looks lovely with pale blue Muscari. They seem to last ages in flower.

Planting Instructions

Narcissus Exotic Mystery bulbs should be planted 5-6" (12-15cm) deep and 4-5" (10-12cm) apart in cool rich soil in sun or part shade in a position that benefits from spring sunshine, but where it will remain cool, moist and safer from activity above them in the summer. They do best with a moist spring and a dry summer. Do not be tempted to cut back or tidy the foliage after flowering as this period of replenishment of the bulb''s starchy food reserves is critical to future flowering. A liquid feed while starchy leaves are still green will benefit clumps in poorer soil.

Plant Details

Flowers     April

Height       15"(38cm)

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