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Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva (8)

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For indoor or very protected situations. These are best suited to forcing in pots for indoor display with a huge scent. They need lots of light and protection from actual frost, but nothing too warm. They are also available for even earlier planting if you order from the Late Summer section. We work on about eight to ten weeks to first bloom from potting, it can be quicker if warm. White and multi-headed with a huge perfume. Plant them shallowly in the compost and in good light so they don’t get too tall. Not reliably hardy outside. Big bulbs.

Planting Instructions

These Narcissus bulbs take 8-9 weeks to flowering in pots from planting, but this is an estimate and will vary with temperatures. Pot in John Innes No 2 so that the bulbs nearly touch. Grow in good light to avoid really long stems which will eventually flop over and cool conditions but frost free. They can be grown soil free, really just in water with stones to weigh down the vase and allow anchorage for the roots. In a conservatory might be ideal but they will need staking and tying up if it is too warm. 

Plant Details

Flowers     December / January

Height        15" (38cm)

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