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Allium (Nectaroscordum) siculum

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Now officially in the Allium family, Nectaroscodum siculum is native to France and Italy and now officially in the Allium family. Tall stemmed (with a pronounced keel – think of the seam in a pair of tights) leading upwards to dozens of hanging green and burgundy marked bells pendulously arranged in a loose head. They enjoy more shade than most other Alliums and seed about enthusiastically in conditions that they like and have strongly garlic scented foliage when crushed. The bees love them. The dry seed heads look like models of multi-turreted fairy castles.

Planting Instructions

Nectaroscodum siculum bulbs should be planted point up about 4" (10cm) deep and 3-4" (8-10cm) apart in sun or part shade, in amongst other plants that are in leaf in the late spring. Best in lighter soils where they can seed about.

Plant Details

Flowers   Early Summer
Height     30"(75cm)

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