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Scilla lilio-hyacinthus

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Originally From southern France and northern Spain but hardy here and an attractive addition to shaded woodland conditions giving early spring interest. Broad and tidy leaved, with pretty, delicate racemes of soft pale blue. Neat looking mounds of foliage and a joy when in flower. The bulbs are formed of loose lily-like scales which dislike being dried out (hence the name). Clump forming and best in some shade. A great addition to the early spring tapestry. Do please order these early, they ‘move’ better in September rather than too far into October.

Planting Instructions

Scilla lilio-hyacinthus are best in slight shade and in moist soils, 3" (8cm) deep and 3" (8cm) apart.

Plant Details

Flowers   March / April
Height     8" (20cm)

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