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Tulipa batalinii Salmon Gem

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Tulipa batalinii Salmon Gem is pinkish red within the flower with a contrasting paler, dusty pink reverse to the petal.. Grey-green leaved. A relatively new hybrid for well drained conditions in good light so gravelly soils or planted into a well-drained rockery would be perfect. 

Planting Instructions

Tulipa batalinii Salmon Gem has small bulbs that should be planted 3" (8cm) deep and about 2-3" (5-8cm) apart, so allow for a least 15 per square foot in sunny well drained soil. As with all dwarf tulips beware of mice or squirrels attracted by the carbohydrate reserves in the bulb in late autumn.

Plant Details

Flowers Late April / Early May 

Height 10" (25cm)


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