Dormant Snowdrop Collection No 2 (5)

Order Code: 999-381

Despatched August

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Dormant Snowdrop Collection No 2 - these build interest in a collection with two 'doubles' and other geographic and physical variations. Ones wih interesting histories behind them too. All are vigorous and should increase steadily.

One bulb of Galanthus Acton Pigot No 3 - showing an olive-green ovary and large, quite rounded petals with a distinct claw at the tip, a fine, vigorous snowdrop from Shropshire.

One bulb of Galanthus Heffalump - a 'double' form (with extra petals inside), these are marked with pale green in a broad cross like marking. From Oxford.

One bulb of Galanthus Imbolc - a late flowered form with exceptionally large and very clean white flowers held on quite short stems. An outstanding snowdrop.

One bulb of Galanthus Pom-Pom - a fully double petalled form with very rounded flowers as you would expect from the name.

One bulb of Galanthus Sir Herbert Maxwell - a bigger flowered mid season snowdrop, often with two flowers produced from each bulb. Originally from south west Scotland.

Planting Instructions

Plant the bulbs immediately if you can. If planting them in the ground consider using the smallest size of aquatic mesh pots to aid containment and identification. Fill with improved soil based potting medium and a little sharp sand. If planting out of a pot aim to plant with 3-4" (8-10cm) of soil over the bulb where they receive light and moisture in the spring and summer dryness, so under deciduous trees and shrubs is best. Label carefully and possibly water sparingly until autumn.