Dormant Snowdrop Collection No 7 (5)

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Dormant Snowdrop Collection No 7

Three bulbs of Galanthus Atkinsii  - this is one of the first hybrid forms to flower, still one of the finest and best garden-worthy snowdrops on account of its vigour and stature – it is sterile and rapidly forms good clumps from offsets, noted for its earliness, tall stems and elegant long outer segments.

One bulb of Galanthus Fieldgate Prelude - very early flowering with larger flowers on a longer pedicels so it waves and flutters gracefully. 

One bulb of Galanthus Hill Poe - often with 4 or 5 outer segments which result in a very rounded appearance, these circle the fully double rosette of inner petals. Upright with a short pedicel and late to flower. 

One bulb of Galanthus Kersen - the name describes the inner green marking of a pair of green cherries on their stalks and is Dutch for Cherries, 

Three bulbs of Galanthus Lord Monostictus - later flowered with broad grey-green leaves and of shorter stature but huge, thick petalled flowers. 

Planting Instructions

Plant the bulbs immediately if you can. If planting them in the ground consider using the smallest size of aquatic mesh pots to aid containment and identification. Fill with improved soil based potting medium and a little sharp sand. If planting out of a pot aim to plant with 3-4" (8-10cm) of soil over the bulb where they receive light and moisture in the spring and summer dryness, so under deciduous trees and shrubs is best. Label carefully and possibly water sparingly until autumn.

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