Dormant Snowdrop Collection No 1 (5)

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Despatched August


Pack of 5

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Dormant Snowdrop Collection No 1 - all these are ones with markedly bigger flowers than the 'ordinary' common snowdrop and are varieties that are quite vigorous so should increase steadily into clumps. Their flowering time covers quite a wide spread of weeks. 

One bulb of Galanthus Fieldgate Prelude - very early flowering with larger flowers on a longer pedicels so it waves and flutters gracefully.                                        

One bulb of Galanthus Trumps - quite an early flowering type with broad outer petals marked with a slash of green. Vigorous to increase.                                             

One bulb of Galanthus Hercule - mid season flowering with large flowers on tall stems, a variety that came from France originally.                                          

One bulb of Galanthus Jonathan - a big flowered mid season form with very rounded petals, a form of G. elwesii with very broad grey-green leaves. 

One bulb of Galanthus Lord Monostictus - later flowered with broad grey-green leaves and of shorter stature but huge, thick petalled flowers.                      


Planting Instructions

Plant the bulbs immediately if you can. If planting them in the ground consider using the smallest size of aquatic mesh pots to aid containment and identification. Fill with improved soil based potting medium and a little sharp sand. if planting out of a pot aim to plant with 3-4" (8-10cm) of soil over the bulb where they receive light and moisture in the spring and summer dryness, so under deciduous trees and shrubs is best. Label carefully and possibly water sparingly until autumn.

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