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Cypripedium Gisela

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Hardy slipper orchids that you can grow in the garden where they flower better after a cold winter. They need good light in the spring and summer shade in fertile soil that isn’t too limey. They are a temptation for slugs but on the other hand last ages in flower and are highly unusual. Currently filling 3 litre pots they will provide several spikes each

Planting Instructions

They do well in part shade in good but improved soil. It may be better in gardens with really heavy and unsuitable soil to plant these into pots or aquatic baskets (which are perforated) in a compost mix of something closer to an orchid compost which is quite bark rich. They bulk up steadily and can form a many stemmed clump within a few years. Once thick in the pot (or clump) they can be gently divided in the late summer. 

Plant Details

Flowers     April / May
Height      18" (45cm)

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