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Cypripedium Gisela

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Hardy hybrid garden orchids distantly related to the native Lady Slipper orchid. These are all home grown plants that we grow outside all year round in pots in an area that is shaded in summer. In fact they need a period of cold weather  to initiate the flower stems, after the mildest winters their flowering is often not so good. The plants for sale are flowering size divisions and many of these will have several flower spikes in the first spring. Hardy and really quite easy to grow in good spring light and summer shade, though beware of slugs. Some of these may be the yellower form of C. Gisela, but they are just as good.

Planting Instructions

They do well in part shade in good but improved soil. It may be better in gardens with really heavy and unsuitable soil to plant these into pots or aquatic baskets (which are perforated) in a compost mix of something closer to an orchid compost which is quite bark rich. They bulk up steadily and can form a many stemmed clump within a few years. Once thick in the pot (or clump) they can be gently divided in the late summer. 

Plant Details

Flowers    May
Height      18" (45cm)

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