This is the list of plants that we have in pots for either Collection by yourselves, or Delivery within 15 miles (for which we will charge £5.00 and fit in the delivery as efficiently as we can).  Almost all are in 1 litre pots (although some are being potted on into 2 litre pots right now) and are the same as we have been sending out by post till now.  There are a few 'extras' like the Alliums that we need to sell from here with no shows to go to. We suggest that you print off this list or make notes of what you would like, phone us with your order and card details and we will create the order for you and arrange a mutually convenient time for you to Collect (weekdays only preferably). Some lines are very limited. A 40% discount on the catalogue prices will be applied. You will still receive the usual detailed 'Planting Instructions' with your order. Do ignore the "Not available" tag on the website - these items are set like that to avoid anyone ordering them to be sent by post now.

You can also order from our Online sale of 'dry' bulbs and we can have these ready (or delivered) at the same time. 

We intend to edit this list as things sell out, but please be aware that it may not be always correct.

Code Product catalogue £ price less 40%
90-04 Actaea Chocoholic £8.00 £4.80
90-03 Actaea simplex Pink Spike (very few) £10.00 £6.00
2-26X Agapanthus Alan Street £15.00 £9.00
53-23X Allium Ivory Queen £5.00 £3.00
53-33X Allium sphaerocephalon £6.00 £3.60
44412 Alstroemeria ligtu Frances £5.50 £3.30
44290 Alstroemeria ligtu hybrids £5.50 £3.30
158-07 Anthericum ramosum £7.50 £4.50
55-01 Aruncus dioicus Kneiffii £7.50 £4.50
61-02X Brodiaea californica £5.00 £3.00
44304 Brunnera macrophylla Jack Frost £7.00 £4.20
70-07X Camassia leichtlinii alba £5.00 £3.00
70-16X Camassia leichtlinii caerulea Maybelle £6.00 £3.60
70-15X Camassia leichtlinii Sacajawea £6.00 £3.60
185-05 Erigeron karvinskianus Profusion £5.00 £3.00
44364 Eryngium planum Jade Frost £7.50 £4.50
44272 Eryngium x zabelii Big Blue £7.50 £4.50
44333 Eryngium x zabelii Pen Blue £6.50 £3.90
44394 Eryngium x zabelli Neptune's Gold £7.50 £4.50
105-09X Ixia Spotlight £5.50 £3.30
69-04X Mathiasella bupleuroides Green Dream £9.50 £5.70
12-01X Orlaya grandiflora £5.00 £3.00
117-09X Ornithogalum nutans £5.50 £3.30
91-06 Primula vialii £4.50 £2.70
125-11X Scilla peruviana £7.50 £4.50
68-15X Triteleia Foxy £5.50 £3.30
68-06X Triteleia laxa Corrina £5.50 £3.30
68-07X Triteleia Rudy £5.50 £3.30
47-06X Tropaeolum tricolor £9.50 £5.70
130-17X Tulbaghia violacea £6.00 £3.60