Dierama pulcherrimum (Seeds)

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'The Wand Flower' or 'Angel's Fishing Rods' originate from South Africa.  Here in the UK, they grow best in open, sunny conditions in fertile, moisture retentive soil, and are perfect for a gravel garden. Flowers are most likely to be deep pink, through white and very dark pink shades are not uncommon. 

Packet contains an average of 30 seeds

Planting Instructions

Sow thinly into seed trays from February to June, or September to October and put in cool shade or a cold frame.  They may take a while to germinate but dislike disturbance so avoid pricking out until they are showing more than one leaf.  Plant out in a suitable spot - allowing about 18" (45cm) spread and up to 4' (120cm) when fully grown.

Plant Details

Flowers   July/August

Height   5' (150cm)

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