Tulbaghia cominsii x violacea (Seeds)

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Long flowering perennial of South African origin. Long thin leaved foliage, onion scented when crushed. Purple – pink flowers from June to October. Very good patio plants in planters, enjoying warm conditions and very drought tolerant. In cold areas mulch plants in the ground in winter and protect pots from extended freezing temperatures. Hardy outside to about -10ºC.

Planting Instructions

Seedlings may vary, due to the hybrid nature of the plant. Sow thinly in a coarse, soil based seed bed or pot and grow as you might do leek plants. Plant out when easy to handle, about 1.5” (4cm) apart in a sunny situation in free draining soil. Plants flower in their second year.

Plant Details

Flowers June to October
Height 18-24” (45-60 cm) tall.

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