The Avon Bulbs Snowdrop List

There is probably not another list that offers such a range of Snowdrops for sale. It is the culmination of many years of collecting, maintaining, cosseting, twin scaling and nurturing that Alan Street, the head nurseryman at Avon Bulbs, has put into the collection. The number of snowdrops offered has broken the 100 mark. It might be said that snowdrops are all the same with white petals and green foliage but the keen eye can spot the differences between habit, size, markings and time of flowering. 

The snowdrops are available "in the green" and can be ordered from January for despatch in February for immediate planting. These will have already flowered and will not flower again until the following Spring. 

Planting Snowdrops "in the green"

All snowdrops (Galanthus species and cultivars) prefer cool, moist conditions in the spring and a surprisingly dry summer dormancy in the shade. Aim to provide a spot for them in good angled Spring sunshine where the rain can reach them when you plant them but also somewhere that will be more shaded in summer and where the soil will be drier due to the umbrella effect of the leaves above shedding the rain away and the roots of the trees and shrubs drawing away most of the remaining moisture. Dig a deep but narrow planting hole probably 4-6" deep (an asparagus trowel is a great implement for the job) loosening the soil at depth and introduce your snowdrop into this at a depth slightly greater than it was previously planted (where the stem turns green!) Firm in and water the soil remembering to label the spot. If planting more than one of the same variety, plant the next about 4" away ideally. They will clump up in time.

Dormant snowdrop bulbs are also available in August, an early opportunity to obtain bulbs directly from the twin scaling process. These again need to be planted straight away on receipt from Avon Bulbs.

Planting Dormant Snowdrops

Do not delay the planting of dormant snowdrop bulbs, the sooner they are planted the better. If planting them directly into the ground consider their position as outlined above. We recommend using the smallest size of aquatic mesh pots so containment and identification will be made easier, this being filled with an improved soil based potting medium and a little extra sharp sand around each bulb. Label carefully and water very sparingly until the autumn. If planting in pots these should be plunged to keep the roots safe from extremes of heat and cold. If growing under glass give plenty of ventilation at all times and preferably move the pots outside to a shady spot after flowering to prolong the growing season.