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Agapanthus Headbourne White

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Selected white flowered plants derived from deciduous parents. They have flowered and we know them to be white. Again there will be some variability with height and flower size. Supplied as divisions.

Planting Instructions

With South African origins they are all sun lovers, but they would be used to summer rainfall so we suggest they will do better where they aren''t too dry. Hence lots of organic matter in the soil to hold the moisture will pay dividends. From division it does sometimes take a while for an Agapanthus crown to flower well again, so expect better flowers in the second year. The bigger forms need planting about 15" (40cm) apart. To get a more immediately full effect you might cram them in rather tighter together in pots. Remember though to give the pot regular watering through the summer and some liquid feed occassionally.

Further planting instructions

Plant Details

Flowers July/August
Height 24-30" (60-75cm)

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