Florists would be at a loss to find an alternative to Alstroemeria which they use over many months of the year. The many forms that they sell are hybrids, various crosses between winter growing Chilean and summer flowering Brazilian species. Those we sell are much simpler, though in British gardens are more successful in a sheltered sunny site. Whilst they have a reputation for being difficult to transplant, these young plants seem to grow reasonably easily, it is the old woody tubers that tend to be difficult and germination of old seed can be tricky.

The A. ligtu forms will have been potted in the late autumn and each pot contains a number of tubers, the flowers of which will all vary in colour. So each pot will probably provide a mixture of colours. They tend to grow away early in some protection here so they may appear a bit ‘leggy’ on arrival, but plant them deeply, hardening them off gently if the weather is still cold.