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Eryngium x zabelii Jos Eijking

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Most intense in colour when grown in full sun, these tolerate poorer soils once established and in such produce 'tighter' plants. Egg sized flowers mass on the branched and spiny stems which are blue in this variety. These are supplied as established plants in a 9cm or 1 litre pot, and whilst some may flower in 2018, they may take a year to reach their full stature. Aid them to get established in sunny conditions so that they will in time have to 'work' to survive, growing them hard results in better plants and more colourful flowers in due course.

Planting Instructions

Needs a sunny and open position that could be very dry once these plants have become established. Plant approx. 15-24" (40-60cm) apart.

Plant Details

Flowers    July - August

Height       28" (70cm)

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