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Eucomis Aloha Tiki

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This is the darkest, a smokey colour with hints of charcoal, deep purple and brown. 

Planting Instructions

Sunshine and moisture are the two key elements essential for success when growing Eucomis. They should be planted in a position which receives as much sunshine as possible, open but sheltered and possibly at the base of a south-facing wall in cold gardens. Whether they are grown in the ground or large pots, they need their own space and do not want to be crowded by other plants. Well-drained soil is often quoted as a prerequisite but if it is a chalky or sandy it could be too dry in the summer when the plants need plenty of moisture. Bulbs grown in pots or tubs are susceptible to freezing in winter. However, planted at least 15cm (6”) deep and with a winter mulch in colder areas, the bigger forms can be considered hardy, when planted outside, especially in sheltered gardens. There is no need to plant your bulbs immediately but try and get them in before mid-April. They may be stored in a dry, airy, frost-free place until the ground is suitable for planting.

Plant Details

Flowers    Aug/Sept

Height     12”(30cm)

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