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Galanthus Marlie Raphael

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From the garden at Kingston Bagpuize House in Oxfordshire and found in 2000, this is a form of G.elwesii with very long outer segments tipped with green splashes, the inner segments are marked in a pale olive-green. Supplied 'in the green'.

Image courtesy of Clive Nicholls

Planting Instructions

All snowdrops prefer cool, moist conditions in the spring and a surprisingly dry summer dormancy in the shade. Dig a deep but narrow planting hole probably 4-6" (10-15cm) deep (an asparagus trowel is a great implement for the job) loosening the soil at depth and introduce your snowdrop into this at a depth slightly greater than it was previously planted (where the stem turns green!) Firm in and water the soil remembering to label the spot. If planting more than one of the same variety, plant the next about 4" (10cm) away ideally. They will clump up in time.

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