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Lathraea clandestina

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Purple toothwort, a parasite mainly of willow, poplar, hazel and alder (though rarely seeming to cause any harm to its host). The slightly orchid like flowers are all one sees above ground, a true parasite having no chlorophyll. Plant these divisions close up against the bole of a mature host.

Planting Instructions

Plant immediately and keep well watered during dry weather. The roots need a host plant, preferably Willow, Poplar, Hazel or Alder. Dig a wide hole right next to the base of the host tree and physically wound the base with an axe or spade and then press the Lathraea right against this, cover with ordinary soil, firm well in and water. Do not be disappointed if there is no sign of growth next Spring, sometimes two seasons are required before the flowers are seen and as the roots spread quite widely on its host, the purple flowers may appear some distance from the original planting.

Plant Details

Flowers   April

Height     3" (8cm)

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