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Lilium henryi

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First found by an Irish explorer Augustine Henry, who in 1888 found it growing in the limestone gorges of Hubei province, China. Best planted as part of a group of other summer interest plants where you can take advantage of the fact that the naturally arching stems will find their own comfortable angle and ‘blend’ with their neighbours, forcing them into a more vertical inclination with stakes never works so well. Orange flowered with excised stamens. Happy in alkaline conditions.

Planting Instructions

In pots or garden, 4-6" (10-15cm) deep, 6" (15cm) apart in sun/part shade in well prepared soil. Lily beetle is a scourge, red and black and very visible, They are eminently squishable but their larvae in a slimy protective blanket are worse to deal with. Over much of the UK now they are a pest for which there seem to be no natural predators. The insecticide Provado does work to reduce their numbers.

Plant Details

Flowers   Summer

Height      48-60" (110 -150cm)

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