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Lilium speciosum rubrum

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For those who feel that the oranges of the L. tigrinum or L. henryii are too strong these are similarly reflexed but in crimson and white, and for added effect are very heavily scented. These however would prefer neutral to acidic soil conditions.

Planting Instructions

They thrive on a combination of high rainfall and good drainage! So in an effort to lock in water near the plant do add lots of humus to the soil when planting and because many are stem rooting (the roots emerging from the stem between the bulb and the soil surface provide anchorage and sustenance) it may be necessary to plant them quite deeply. Lily beetle is a scourge, red and black and very visible as adults, they are easily squashed under one’s shoe but their larvae (in a slimy protective blanket) are worse to deal with. Over much of the UK now they are a pest for which there seem to be no natural predators. The insecticide Provado does work to reduce their numbers, diminishing the overwintered population.

Plant Details

Flowers     Aug / Sept

Height       36-48” (120 –150cm)

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