End of Season sale - save 30% on all Autumn planted bulb orders while stocks last.  We are reaching the end of the season so the range of available bulbs is rather low. 

Lines where there are bigger numbers of bulbs remaining (on Monday 16 Nov) include : 

Allium Ivory Queen, A.Pinball Wizard, A. Powder Puff, Brodiaea californica, Camassia cusickii, and C leichtlinii alba.  

Some of the Iris hollandica forms such as Apollo, Red Ember and Silvery Beauty.  

Muscari botryoides album, M. azureum and Valerie Finnis. 

Narcissus Minnow, Rijnveldt's Early Sensation and Topolino. Ornithogalum nutans, O. umbellatum and Scilla peruviana. 

Triteleias (most of them) and a few Tulips - Antoinette, Cummins, Fly Away, Madalyn, Pieter de Leur and turkestanica. 

With lockdown and the cancellation of all the events and shows that we had been booked to attend this year we were initially very concerned about how much plant material we would have to compost ! The announcement of lockdown came when we had just set up several days worth of pre-booked timed appointments in order to sell the pots of Daffodils, Tulips and lots else that should have been the material that we used to create our displays at the shows. From there we set up local deliveries of what we could not pack into boxes, or those plants that were already too far advanced to survive the delivery system. The smaller plants that we had intended to be selling at those events we then began to offer by mail order and we rapidly learnt how to pack plants securely and sourced some much bigger than normal boxes ! It has all been a big unplanned experiment which, because we specialise in spring flowering plants, had to happen at pace - those plants were all growing fast and would be flowering soon, so time was not on our side.

To many local customers who have bought all sorts of plants which may or may not be familiar to them, but hopefully will encourage them to keep gardening after this is all over, and hundreds more customers from all over the UK who have bought our plants without having attended a flower show - Thank you ! We nearly got it all right but we did have a vanfull of Camassia (200 pots) that were both too tall to pack and were too numerous to sell locally so they went to Yeovil District Hospital and were snapped up by the NHS staff who reported that it was nice to have a change from chocolates! Now we concentrate on tidying up the nursery which is something that we rarely seem to have time to do properly. It actually looks quite smart already. Some of the staff were furloughed on a rotational basis but are now all back at work on the snowdrops ... a very time consuming process, but this year we can start on them a bit earlier.