We ought to be completely caught up with orders on Monday 19th. However we are struggling to both send out parcels and to spend any time at all looking after our stock - which as you will realise is critical on a nursery! 

We are now offering for sale (at a discount) all the remaining 'dry' bulbs. Those can be sent out quickly and easily by post.

Once this has been completed we will then offer our Collections of Pots of Bulbs (at considerable discounts) but these will ONLY be available for Collection from the nursery (by timed arrangement once we have your order) or for Delivery within 15 miles (at a cost of £5.00).  That should also let us tackle urgent work on the nursery.  It has also been VERY dry in the south at least so do remember to water any newly planted plants.

We are working as fast as we can so please be patient with us. If you need to speak to us please leave a message on the answerphone on 01460 242177

There was a card payment issue with credit card payments made on the 7th April. This was at a higher level than us, or our IT suppliers - it was at the card acquirer / bank level. They have made or will be making refunds where double payments have been made. If you have a concern about this please let us know?

Thank you !