Maxiflex® Gardening Gloves

MaxiFlex® gardening gloves are lightweight, fully breathable, and designed to provide the wearer with ultimate dexterity, fit and feel. Hardwearing and comfortable, they allow you to feel what you are doing, but don''t make your hands perspire. These are the ones that we use here at the Avon Bulbs nursery, and recommend for all general gardening jobs. Washable (inside out on a cool wash).

Available in four sizes: size 7, size 8. size 9 and size 10, all at £6.50 a pair.

Size guide- Measure the circumference of your hand just below the base of the fingers to find your size

Size 7 = 7 inches or 178mm

Size 8 = 8 inches or 203mm

Size 9 = 9 inches or 229mm

Size 10 = 10 iinches or 254mm

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