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Ixia Mabel

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We have used some Ixia to great effect at Chelsea over the last couple of years, they provide a wafty upright and colourful addition to the display. Ixias are native to Southern Africa and grow from small winter dormant corms. They like full sun, and a dry well draining soil although they need some moisture whilst in growth. They emerge too early in the year to be really described as hardy here and they are not always easy plants in the British climate although we have had people tell us that they grow them in their gardens and that they self-seed and reappear regularly, though this must be on light sandy soils as ordinarily our winters are too wet and cold for the unprotected bulbs. However for everyone else, they can be treated as annuals by planting them in the early spring and they should certainly produce a worthwhile display the same summer.

A rich crimson coloured form, this one taller than many. The long stem length allows them to arch prettily, but they do need to be in good light otherwise they will not open properly.

Planting Instructions

Plant them in a 5" (12cm) deep hole 3" (8cm) apart, or 10/12 per sq foot. In deep pots filled with John Innes No 2 compost, you would need 10 corms for a 12" (30cm) pot.

Plant Details

Flowers    Summer
Height      36" (90cm)