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Chionodoxa forbesii Pink Giant

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Chionodoxa forbesii Pink Giant grows to 5" (12cm) with short racemes of pink star-shaped flowers with a pale centre, which turn upward and spread to ½ to ¾" across. Chionadoxa means Glory of the Snow in Greek and C. forbesii is native to W Turkey where it grows up to 8000ft, up to the snow line.The long leaves have channeled surfaces and die back in summer. If planted to naturalise in grass, mowing must be held back until the foliage is finished. They are easy to grow in well drained soil, in grass or under shrubs. They also make a small focal point around the base of a tree but need to be planted so that when in leaf and flower they receive direct light, otherwise they flop somewhat.

Planting Instructions

Chionodoxa forbesii Pink Giant bulbs should be planted 2" (5cm) deep and 2-3" (5-8cm) apart (or 15 per square foot) in a sunny site with direct spring light, to avoid it getting leggy, in well drained soil where it might be shaded and dry in summer.

Plant Details

Flowers February/March
Height 5" (12cm)

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