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Albuca nelsonii

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Ivory white, waxy flowers with green tips face upward around a tall raceme opening from the bottom of the spike for a long lasting display. The flowers are strongly almond scented. The foliage very glossy and also waxy. They can form huge bulbs which are often half in and half out of the soil and quite succulent in their nature. Not really hardy outside although a couple of degrees of frost will cause no harm. Best in a big pot where they can get winter protection They will hardly need any water during the winter. These will be roughly grapefruit sized bulbs 

Planting Instructions

The grapefruit sized bulbs are not very frost hardy due to its tendency to grow half in anf half out of the ground and its near evergreen habit. Plant 2" deep in good compost and space 9-12" (22-30cm) apart. It grows well in a cool green house protected from all but slight frost either in the ground or in large tubs. They do get very pot bound.

Plant Details

Flowers June/July
Height 20" (55cm)

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