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Canna iridiflora (x ehemanii)

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A big bold plant, with broad deep-green banana-like foliage and carmine flowers. We grow them in a high roofed unheated greenhouse unprotected but growing in the ground and divide them biennially. Dormant in winter they will need some protection outdoors or to be kept dry, but if you start them off in the warm in their pots and put them outside in June they grow very fast to make very impressive plants by the Summer’s end.

Planting Instructions

Never a small plant, these need room in a either a huge pot, or a very sheltered site in a sheltered garden where we suggest planting the tubers 36-48"(90-120cm) apart, probably with 4" (10 cm) of soil over the growing point. In warm, sheltered conditions they can get very tall. Showy they certainly are. In the winter outdoor grown plants will need winter protection with a mulch or more.

Plant Details

Flowers     September / October
Height       72" (1.8m +) in the garden, taller under glass.

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