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Eucomis comosa Pink Gin

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South African in origin and commonly named the "Pineapple" flower as the topknot of leaves above the flower head does resemble that of the fruit. The highlight of the Eucomis trial at Wisley. Glowing pink, especially pretty in the low angled autumn afternoon sunlight, this clone is outstanding for its combination of clear pink flowers and bright green foliage. The flowers get even more numerous as the bulb’s girth grows, then through natural division, a clump develops. A brilliant plant, but produced only from division of the bulbs, the supply Is somewhat inconsistent year to year. These bulbs may not flower in 2020, but they will go on to do so.

Planting Instructions

They appear above the ground in May and go dormant with the autumn frosts so when planted deeply can be regarded as being hardy in most of the UK. They like moisture retentive soils in sunny conditions. Plant 6" (15cm) deep and 15"(40cm) apart  in a sunny spot in well prepared soil or in pots. Keep well watered in summer. Must have direct sunlight. Mulch in winter.

Plant Details

Flowers            August/September
Height              48" (120cm)

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