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Eucomis zambesiaca

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Glistening in bright sunlight these produce cylinders of white flowers opening first from the bottom with a bright green top knot. These are the earliest into flower and then stay either in flower or with decorative seed head for months. If you delay planting them till mid May they flower later and then last much longer, flowering in the cooling months after the summer heat.  Although they often are, they really should not be called E. autumnalis, as this is a different species entirely.

Planting Instructions

They appear above the ground in May and go dormant with the autumn frosts so when planted deeply can be regarded as being hardy in most of the UK. They like moisture retentive soils in sunny conditions and the depth to which to plant them will come on a label on the bulb, these would probably be planted about 5" (13cm) apart, closer in a pot. The smaller varieties can be successfully potted and grown on the patio.

Plant Details

Flowers   August/September
Height     12" (30cm)

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