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Welcome to our website where you can buy spring, summer and autumn bulbs online. We supply a range of spectacular bulbs for autumnspring and summer planting  as well as flowering garden plants and seeds from our nursery in Somerset.  We’re family owned, with an enviable reputation on the show circuit. Feel free to browse the site, and our plant catalogues and do get in touch if you have any queries.

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Dahlia Happy Single Party
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Gladiolus Atom
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Avon Bulbs are very pleased to have been awarded a Gold Medal and the Best Innovative Display for their exhibit at the Harrogate Flower Show. We will be there between the 24 and 27 of April where we will have an interesting range of plants for sale including daffodils, camassias,  tulips and fritillaria.

Some do's and don'ts for the April garden

Do mark any clumps of Daffodils that might need moving or splitting. You could do that job as they start to die back, when it is easier both to find the bulbs and to more easily imagine where they would look good best next year.

Don't cut off the foliage from your Snowdrops, Crocus or Daffodils until they really start to go brown and dry.

Do keep an eye out for the adult Lily beetle - being bright red they are easy to spot. They will be on any member of the Lily family - Fritillaria mostly now. Cup your hand under them and they'll drop into your palm when disturbed, that is easier than picking them off. Dispose of them immediately.

Despite earlier excessive rain do be aware that fast growing plants in pots use up a lot of moisture at the moment, and if the wind blows the evaporation takes out lots more. So even if it does not feel dry, do remember to check.

Do take some pictures of your garden now to act as a reminder for when you want to order more plants or make changes later on. Don't just snap the best bits, remember to photograph the bits you could improve for another year too!