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Allium angulosum (pyrenaicum)

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This is an easily grown summer flowering Allium with deeply keeled dark green leaves. It flowers in July and August with pale lilac blooms formed into hemispherical umbels reaching about 12" (30cm) tall and darkening as they mature with the leaves persisting through the flowering period. The flowers are very attractive to a great range of insects and on a warm day in July can be covered by Butterflies, moths and other insects. It originally came from Eastern Russia and is grown in Siberia as Mouse Garlic and salted for winter use. We supply small clumps, when these clumps have grown large they can be divided up (either in the autumn or spring) and spaced out again.

Planting Instructions

Allium angulosum does best in a reasonably sunny and not too dry spot, the small clumps planted 9" (22cm) apart. It is very hardy and tolerant of acid or alkaline soils, though does need moist conditions to become established.

Plant Details

Flowers July/August
Height 12" (30cm)

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