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Allium cernuum

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Allium cernuum is native to western North America and Mexico. Its pink flowers hang from the tip of the nodding stem and tumble down to form a hanging chandelier-like flower head 10-18" (25-45cm) from the ground in July.  Very attractive to bees and smaller nectar feeders. There may be successive flower stems, which do not carry the Allium odour and can be cut for the house. Each head may carry 20-30 flowers and in light soils they self sow. Suited to sunny open conditions in lighter soils - easy to grow.  Delivered as fresh dug flowering size plants rather than bulbs.

Planting Instructions

Allium cernuum is best in lighter soils and planted in sunny conditions. We deliver them as plants rather than bulbs and they should be planted shallowly with 3-4" (8-10 cm) spacing between plants and watered in if it is dry.

Plant Details

Flowers Summer
Height 18" (45cm)

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