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Allium Mount Everest

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Probably the best tall white flowered Allium. Grapefruit-sized heads, 4" (10cm) across, top a tall glossy green stem. The long strap-like leaves persist, but are not too obtrusive at flowering time. Lovely when combined with other strong coloured flowers such as Gladiolus byzantinus, and ideally planted against a dark backdrop, though some planted in the dappled shade of a Laburnum are great, we suggest that they are planted about 12” (30cm) apart.

Planting Instructions

Position the Allium Mount Everest to combine with other strong colours nearby so try and envisage the effect in late May with the white flower at 36" (90cm) and  plant them 4-5" (10-12cm) deep for good stability, in a sunny soil and about 12" (30cm) apart.

Plant Details

Flowers       May/June
Height         36" (90cm)

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