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Camassia leichtlinii alba

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Camassia leichtlinii alba has creamy white star-shaped flowers forming a loose pyramid, at the top of a 36" (90cm) stem. These tall pale spikes with long narrow leaves are especially effective in a border in front of a dark background and a good contrast plant for the Alliums in May.. The species form of Camassia leichtlinii  grows wild in western USA in damp mountain meadows. In the garden it likes full sun, although it will tolerate some shade and needs moisture throughout the spring and early summer. Happy in heavier soils, they like it moist through spring and whilst flowering, followed by a dry dormancy. Camassia leichtlinii alba tends to flower about 10-14 days later than the blue forms. They do set seed freely and in time sow themselves through the herbaceous border in good cottage garden style.There is no need to cut them back after flowering, but if you do not want them to seed about cut the seed heads off before the seed is ripe. They prefer not to be disturbed once established but if you need to they are best moved whilst dormant in the late summer. 

Planting Instructions

Camassia leichtlinii alba bulbs should be planted about 4" (10cm) deep, 5-6" (12-15cm) apart in groups of 5 or more in a humus-rich, moisture retentive soil, in either a sunny position or in half shade.They do not naturally make as big a bulb as the blue C. caerulea and often flower from quite small bulbs, If you do not want them to seed about remove the flower head after flowering.

Plant Details

Flowers May/June
Height 36" (90cm)

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