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Crocus tommasinianus Ruby Giant

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Crocus tommasinianus Ruby Giant is neither ruby nor a giant but deep pinkish-silvery purple with contrasting yellow anthers. Even when closed the sturdy stems hold the flower heads up above the leaves. The species C.tommasinianus is native to Southern Hungary, NW Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina, where it is found in deciduous woods. It will flower early in spring and is attractive to early flying insects. It will naturalise readily and produce seed heads

Planting Instructions

Crocus tommasinianus Ruby Giant cormlets should be planted 3" (8cm) deep in lighter well drained soil or thin grass and is happy in some shade. Arrange in small groups of 3/5 only 2" (5cm) apart or dotted about randomly, While somewhat difficult to plant in grass due to the small size they will nevertheless seed freely into late mown grass. Its capacity for spreading means it may not be a wise choice for a rock garden but otherwise it will establish itself wherever it is put. Do not mow the grass too short or too early.

Plant Details

Flowers February/March
Height 4" (10cm)

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