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Paradisea lusitanica

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This species comes from Northern Portugal and Spain where it grows in damp meadows. Dormant their thickened fleshy roots look a bit like those of a dormant Agapanthus crown. In flower they provide elegant spires of bright white flowers providing impressive uprights in the herbaceous border, and a great accompaniment to the Alliums. Supplied as fresh dug divisions, to be planted 4” (10cm) deep in moisture retentive soil in sun or part shade. 

Planting Instructions

Paradisea lusitanica are dormant as thickened fleshy roots much as an Agapanthus, these will form divisions to be planted 4" (10cm) deep in rich, moisture retentive soil in sun or part shade

Plant Details

Flowers              May/June
Height                36" (90cm)

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